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Here are the Producers who have joined the 'Real Taste at your home' project and which you 
will soon also find on our online store:


1. Beekeeping Fior da Fiore - Castellina Marittima (Li):

lavender honey 250 gr euro 7.50, cherry tree 250 gr euro 7.50, heather 250 gr euro 7.50, dandelion 250 gr euro 7.50, 
on 250-400 gr euro 7.50-11, millefiori of Monte Voltraio 250 -400 gr 7.50-11 euros, Versilia linden 250-400 gr 750-11 euros, 
Versilia honeydew 250-400 g 7.50-11 euros, chestnut 250-400 g 7.50-11 euros, pollen cold dehumidified chestnut euro 10, 
organic propolis mother tincture in alcoholic solution euro 12 and non-alcoholic bio pollen para ninos, euro 13

2. Demonia Brewery - Signa (Fi):

Nebula pale beer, Eleonora amber and Jessica red - bt. 33 cl. euro 5

3. Biscottificio Lazzeri - Pontestazzemese (Lu):

chocolate cantucci (chocolat), classic almond cantucci (toscanacci), cantucci with figs (dolcefico) 400 gr, euro 9

4. Buonamico Wine Resort - Montecarlo (Lu):

particular brut sparkling wine (Pinot Bianco, Semillon, Trebbiano Toscano) and particular brut rosé sparkling 
wine (Sangiovese and Syrah), euro 16

5. I Fortini Cookies factory - Forte dei Marmi (Lu):

single pack biscuits: dark chocolate, lemon, hazelnut, cereals, € 0.60 each

6. Il Cantuccio di Federigo - San Miniato (Pi):

classic cantucci 500 gr, € 10

7. Officinalia - Pancole, San Gimignano (Si):

Compote of apricots, plums, quinces, orange marmalade, mandarins, lemons, compote of figs, 
pears gr 300 euro 5 "crunchy" hazelnut cream, "carcao" hazelnut cream 200 gr euro 7, 
olive paté 200 gr euro 7.50, vegetable nut 300 gr euro 7

8. Pastificio Chelucci - Piteccio (Pt):

artisanal dry pasta: spaghetti, almost 500 gr. euro 4, strigoli and penne senator hats 500 gr. euro 6

9. Peperita - Bibbona (Li):

banana paté 2, erotic paté 3 euro 5, lemon orange pepper condiments, jalapeno, super-hot pepper euro 10, 
various fine salts turmeric, oranges & liomone, 
smoked euro 4.5, secret sauce and garlic euro 6, powders 1-2-3 euro 5 , hazelnut cream with habanero 
chocolat euro 8

10. Podere Il Cavallino - Bibbona (Li):

traditional & organic bottled oil euro 10

11. Podere Fornace Prima - Cerreto Guidi (Fi):

biodynamic wines: red Igt, Sincere Chianti and Cavaliere IGT, Aurea Trebbiano and white IGT, 
6-15 euro bt; bag 16 euros

12. Real Taste of Tuscany Selection - Christmas Sweets:

by Laboratorio del Gusto - Scandicci (Fi): classic panettone euro 18, pandoro euro 23, 
(on request also 500 gr, 12-15 euro)

by Forno la Torre - Diacceto (Fi): ricciarelli 240 gr euro 8, large panforte euro 24

13. Real Taste of Tuscany Selection - I Taralli - by Antica Forneria (Bitonto, Ba), euro 7

14. Real Taste of Tuscany - Top 50 Experiences, the book:

booking of the paper version of February and free digital download of the pdf version in English and Italian, € 6

15. Stefania Calugi Truffles & Mushrooms - Castelfiorentino (Fi).

Bio organic truffle tn 85 gr euro 10, white truffle cream 85 gr euro 9, white truffle cream gr 180 euro 11, 
sliced ​​truffle gr 45 euro 17, local artichokes in oil 270 gr euro 11, 
local artichokes in oil 500 gr euro 17, appetizer wild berries in oil with porcini mushrooms 270 gr euro 10, 
Italian dried tomatoes in oil 280 gr euro 8, 
sweet and sour vegetables 280 gr euro 10, Tuscan courgettes in oil 270 gr euro 9, olives in brine 300 gr euro 7, 
Cream of cannellini beans and truffles 270 gr euro 9

16. TheFlorenceTours, Laura Gensini Christmas Gift Card, The Beauty:

tours made both in Florence and in Tuscany, bookable today to be done by 2021:

-museums (Uffizi Accademia Bargello San Marco) 2 hours, 20 euros -secret (Florentine artisan shops) 3 hours, 25 euros 
-literary (Florentine residences of illustrious writers) 4 hours, 
30 euros -art and tradition (palaces and churches of the Renaissance ) 6 hours, 45 euros - the Tuscan countryside and food 
and wine excellences at the Real Taste of Tuscany producers 
(with Veronica as a guide!) 7 hours, 120 euros

17. Tuscany Brothers - Chiesanuova (Fi):

black cabbage pesto 170 g 6.50 euros, cinta senese pate 6.50 euros, Tuscan liver pate 180 g 6 euros, 
zolfini beans 300 g 5.50 euros, Tuscan ribollita 500 g 8.50 euros, tomato soup 500 g euro 8, 
the Carabaccia by Caterina de 'Medici 280 gr euro 6.50, the Giardiniera 570 gr euro 10, 
composed of red onion euro 6

For all customers, the new fantastic red Corkscrew, Christmas Special Edition, 
Real Taste of Tuscany at a sensational price !!



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Veronica - – Cel. +39 3355737393

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